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Meisinger SINGLES

The Meisinger SINGLES are intended for single use and offer the perfect solution for maximum efficiency and hygiene. Packaged separately and sterile the single dental instruments are ready for immediate use without time consuming and labor intensive sterilization and preparation. Our Diamond SINGLES as well as the Carbide SINGLES are available in many different shapes and sizes.

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QX-Tungsten Carbide Cutter

The QX-Tungsten Carbide Cutter enables an effective treatment of thermoplastic materials. Thanks to its x-cut toothing and large chip spaces, material can be removed very efficiently without sticking the cutting edges due to high frictional heat. The QX-Tungsten Carbide Cutter creates smooth surfaces so that complex smoothing is not necessary. The dental instrument is manufactured under strict regulatory controls and runs due to its high precision very smoothly, which is particularly advantageous in plastics technology.

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CAD/CAM Prep Kit Anterior & CAD/CAM Prep Kit Posterior

According to Dr. Daniel Butterman, DDS

Developed in collaboration with Daniel Butterman, DDS, the MEISINGER CAD/CAM Preparation Kits have been designed for optimal preparation of anterior and posterior teeth for CAD/CAM restorations. Both kits contain perfectly coordinated coarse and fine diamond burs to create a smooth restoration margin and and efficient workflow. The DB01 Kit includes depth reduction burs to reduce the facial of anterior teeth uniformly for aesthetic restorations. In addition, the DB02 Kit includes MEISINGER'S patented and award-winning Occlusal Reduction Burs to ensure adequate reduction for glass ceramics and zirconia. Posterior teeth are easier to reach with shorter length burs, which enable ideal axial reduction and margin preparation.

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