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Whether for preparation, polishing or the targeted processing of CAD / CAM restorations, MEISINGER offers perfectly coordinated system solutions in pre-assembled assortments. With MEISINGER’s user-friendly kits, there is no need for complex compilations of instrument sets. Working closely with practitioners and leading scientists who co-develop and test the systems, MEISINGER has created kits that are optimized to meet everyday needs.

When it comes to the optimal polishing of CAD / CAM restorations, there is no way around MEISINGER. The individually tailored kits for any common restorative material are specially adapted to the different requirements of Zirconium oxide, lithium disilicate, hybrid ceramics or zirconium-reinforced lithium disilicate. For all materials, MEISINGER offers both a laboratory set for extraoral work and a practice set for intraoral work. The kits consist of two-stage polishing systems, which can be applied without polishing paste and result in excellent gloss and perfect adaptation to the natural tooth surface. In addition to the long-lasting diamond polishers many systems contain other instruments for grinding contact points or surfaces. In the high-quality bur block, the instruments are well organized and can be conveniently sterilized after use.

CAD/CAM Prep Kit SC02

The CAD/CAM Prep Kit contains an ideal selection of awardwinning diamonds including all the necessary shapes for inlays, onlays and full coverage crowns. Included in the kit are MEISINGER‘s 1.5 mm and 2 mm depth limiting Occlusal Reduction Burs for predictable occlusal reductions. The kit was completet together with cerecdoctors.

CAD/CAM Finishing Kit SC01

This universal contouring and finishing kit was created to provide a wide range of solutions for today‘s ceramic restorations. The kit provides all of the necessary tools to produce excellent results for both anterior and posterior crowns. This kit contains diamonds and abrasives for sprue removal, contouring and adjusting anatomy. Two sintered (layered) diamonds are included, S805-018 and 936SC-200, for cutting sprues, occlusal anatomy, and defining interproximal embrasures. Initial smoothing is accomplished with the 9613V-220 universal polisher. Our newest Twist Polishers for ceramics bring out the luster of your restorations without paste while removing minimal material and are safe enough to use around the margins. The kit was completet together with cerecdoctors.

Successful in Las Vegas

MEISINGER sold 1,000 polishing kits in just three days at the CEREC 30 event by Sirona Dental in Las Vegas, making the event one of our most successful ever. This delivers a clear message about the value of MEISINGER’s high-quality polishing kits for CEREC. CEREC trainers are on the road in almost all countries worldwide. Definitely also in your market.


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