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The implant system MyPlant II

Modern and revolutionary implant treatment.

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MyPlant II – Back to the roots, shaping the future

The MyPlant II system is built on the concept of a two-phase titanium implant with a special expansion thread and a self-locking cone as an abutment connection. This concept was developed over the course of 30 years and brought to clinical maturity by Prof. Dr. Georg-Hubertus Nentwig and Dr.-Ing. Walter Moser. This design provides high primary stability, minimum construction height, and deep platform switching. The implant abutment connection, which is bacteria-proof and micro-movement-free, has been proven to be a superior component in terms of achievable bone and soft tissue stability, guaranteeing exceptional long-term success. The two-phase titanium implant has been taken one step further with the MyPlant II system, a state-of-the-art design for use in implant therapy. The motto of the MyPlant II – “Back to the roots, shaping the future” – epitomizes the further development of an implant concept that has proven itself over the past 30 years. 


Primary stability

The progressive thread design of the MyPlant II implants, supported by the three-stage preparation technique, leads to very high primary stability with maximum bone-implant contact. The cervical section is of cylindrical design to avoid tension in the cortical bone. The thread depth increases in the apical direction with a curved arch shape of the thread shanks, thus achieving favorable biomechanical load induction into the bone.



The micro-structured surface of the implant results in increased surface area, which promotes osseointegration while supporting the natural healing process and creating increased implant stability. Where adequate vertical bone volume exists, the MyPlant II implant can be placed subcrestally by approximately 1 mm, promoting stable bone integration while supporting the surrounding soft tissue.


Fatigue strength

The cone connection of the MyPlant II system has been reinforced in terms of length and diameter. This leads to long lasting durability and high mechanical load capacity. The non-indexed cone connection allows for free positioning and parallel alignment of angled abutments. The self-locking inner cone connection is highly stable against rotation and has a bacteria-proof seal.

Soft tissue

The deep platform switching and resulting wide implant shoulder allow sufficient approximal space at the abutment level, even with narrowly inserted implants. This is crucial for establishing a stable soft tissue cuff between the implants. Therefore, unlike other implant systems, the MyPlant II system does not require a minimum clearance between the implants and adjacent natural teeth.



The MyPlant II abutments are for retention only and do not perform any function in shaping the emergence profile, which is designed solely for prosthetic purposes. The abutment / crown interface is laid so deeply into the soft tissue cuff that the need for conventional cementation is virtually eliminated. For cementless attachments all abutments, including angled abutments, have occlusal screw channels. Another alternative is the friction-fixed retention of the superstructure.