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The two-piece implant system

The concept of a two-piece titanium implant with special expansion thread and self-locking cone as abutment connection was already developed by Prof. Dr. med. dent. Nentwig and Dr.-Ing. Moser 30 years ago and brought to clinical maturity. High primary stability, minimum construction height, micro-movement-free and a bacteria-proof implant-abutment connection as well as deep platform switching soon proved to be a superior combination in terms of achievable bone and soft tissue stability, and thus guarantors of exceptional long-term success.
With the myplant two implant system, Prof. Nentwig and Dr. Moser have further advanced and optimized this concept, which has been documented over decades, and adapted it to the criteria of modern, future-oriented implant therapy.


The thread design

The progressive thread design in combination with the three-stage preparation technique lead to very high primary stability of myplant two implants, even in cases of average bone qualities. The thread depth increases in apical direction and shows an arch-shaped curve of the thread shanks, thus achieving favorable biomechanical load distribution into the bone. The apically enlarging thread depth allows good anchorage in differing bone qualities and as well as promoting a bone stimulating load distribution during mastication. Vertical and lateral forces are primarily deflected to the elastic cancellous bone, whereas the cortical bone is relieved, which is essential for the long-term maintenance of the marginal bone level and the resulting esthetics. Stress concentration in the emergence area of the implant, as proven for implants with consistent threads, is thus avoided. The preparation technique and the special thread design are matched perfectly to the natural bone structure and result in high primary stability with maximum bone to implant contact, even when the bone quality is compromised.

Subcrestal placement

In contrast to most implant systems, the myplant two implant was developed specifically for subcrestal placement and can be inserted up to 2 mm below bone level if bone supply is adequate and taking into account the surrounding structures. This allows the crestal bone to grow over the implant shoulder up to the abutment diameter, which benefits increased implant stability and biological support of the peri-implant soft tissue. Various cover screws are available to avoid complete overgrowth of the implant with bone during submerged healing. Each includes a sterile cover screw exceeding the implant by 1 mm.


Highly resilient abutment-implant connection

The special design of the myplant two system results in an outstanding mechanical load capacity with high fatigue strength. The design of the inner cone results in a highly resilient and virtually bacteria-proof connection between abutment and implant.


Tabel soft tissue support

Deep platform switching and the resulting wide implant shoulder allow more interproximal space at the abutment level than non-conical connections. In combination with the bony deposition on the implant shoulder, this is decisive for establishing a stable and healthy soft tissue cuff and consequently for esthetics. Due to the enlarged interproximal space esthetically pleasing results can also be achieved with tightly placed implants.

The prosthetic concept

The key to successful prosthetics is a firm and tight tapered conical connection. The 360° rotation option of the prosthetic components ensures optimum positioning of angled abutments without making any compromise. A major advantage of the interface is the fact that all implants have the same internal geometry, allowing each prosthetic component to fit into each implant. The choice of implant is made exclusively on the basis of the available bone and is not restricted by the prosthetics. This also keeps storage space and costs as low as possible. All indications, ranging from single crowns via bridges to partial dentures and implant-supported full dentures, can be restored with the various abutments available. The different abutment series allow friction-based, screw-retained, bonded or cemented fixation to the corresponding abutments.

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