Customized Prosthetics

Individual CAD/CAM-Components

Customized Prosthetics

Our products in the area of MEISINGER DIGITAL Customized Prosthetics complete the digital workflow with corresponding CAD/CAM components as well as prosthetics, which are planned and produced specifically for each individual patient case.


Take advantage of our powerful MEISINGER DIGITAL milling center and let our experts create the prosthetic restoration. There are almost no limits when it comes to restorative materials!

MEISINGER DIGITAL designs and produces individual solutions for caps, crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers made of:

  • Zircon HAT (VITA colors)
  • Zircon multilayer (VITA colors)
  • PMMA unpolished/polished (A2; A3; A3.5)
  • VITA Suprinity (glass ceramic)
  • VITA Mark II (leucite ceramic)
  • VITA Tirluxe Multi (leucite ceramic)
  • VOCO Grandio (hybrid ceramic)
  • Wax
  • CoCr