The bone grafting material NanoBone®

Powerful nanostructure for natural remodeling and fast regeneration.

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NanoBone®: The synthetic bone grafting material

With NanoBone® MEISINGER presents a high-quality, synthetic bone grafting material which uses physical processes for bone remodelling.

The nanocrystalline hydroxylapatite in NanoBone® has the same morphology as autologous bone. Combined with nanostructured silica gel, which actively supports the bone formation, bone is built up by natural processes. Low production temperatures leave the HA unsintered, so that NanoBone® has an extremely large internal surface of up to 206.8 m²/g. This is crucial for protein adhesion and fast regeneration.

Due to the special structure of NanoBone® the body accepts it as autologous material. That is why NanoBone® is completely converted to autologous bone by osteoclasts in the process of natural remodelling.

No foreign substance that could affect the body’s natural biomechanics remain. Due to the synthetic production immunological defense reaction or disease transmission can be excluded with great certainty.

NanoBone® is available in the following forms: “granulate,” a “block,” and a ready-to-use “QD”.


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