Bone grafting and osteosynthesis

Fast vitalization due to custom-fit and high-quality transplants.

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Precise transplantation of bone cylinders and rings

The MEISINGER Bone Management® Transfer-Control and Transfer-Ring-Control Systems have been developed especially for the performance of horizontal and vertical bone augmentation.

The instruments are perfectly matched to each other, so they allow for an exact and standardized transplantation of bone cylinders and rings. Therefore, a press fit between the transplanted bone and the prepared recipient site, which can be strengthened with a fixation screw, is achieved. This precise fitting of bone transplants leads to accelerated bone revitalization and wound-healing, so that after three to four months a stable bone site is achieved. Furthermore, the variety of different instrument sizes allows for high flexibility during bone harvesting.

Comfortable fixing of bone transplants

The Osteosynthesis systems Screw System TX and Screw System TX Professional enable the universal use of fixation screws for autologous bone cylinders, bone blocks and bone chips for the purpose of preimplantological augmentation. The Torx connection guarantees reliable accommodation of the screws in the driving tool and the ability to transfer high tensile forces at the same time. For each 0.9 mm screw available, the kit contains a larger diameter rescue screw in case the transplant does not allow high tensile fixation. The small diameter and head size of the screws allow for a comfortable application by the user and for the patient.


Hybrid-Pin-system for safe membrane fixing

MEISINGER’s Master-Pin-Control System was designed specifically for the fixation of resorbable, non-resorbable and titanium membranes. Since the pins have an extra mini-thread, they are a hybrid between a screw and a pin. The thread increases the surface area of the pins and thus offers much more stability. In addition, because of this thread and a unique head design, the pins can be removed easily and safely, especially after a successful healing period. With their sharp tip and very stable shaft, they can be inserted into dense cortical bone with ease and precision.


Further information

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