Tungsten Carbide Instruments

Highest efficiency for spotless work results.

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Functional construction and long lifetime

MEISINGER tungsten carbide instruments are exceptional due to their stability and functional design. They feature precise toothing for optimal working performance, combined with a long lifetime and excellent concentricity. Our carbide instruments are made from high density, fine grain metal.

QX-Tungsten Carbide Cutter

The QX-Tungsten Carbide Cutter enables an effective treatment of thermoplastic materials. Thanks to its x-cut toothing and large chip spaces, material can be removed very efficiently without sticking the cutting edges due to high frictional heat. The QX-Tungsten Carbide Cutter creates smooth surfaces so that complex smoothing is not necessary. The dental instrument is manufactured under strict regulatory controls and runs due to its high precision very smoothly, which is particularly advantageous in plastics technology.

Twist Finishers

MEISINGER’s Twist Finishers are very good for working with composites and other filling materials, due to their precise twist angle. With their unique cutting geometry, the instruments guarantee a very high smoothness and cut significantly finer than carbide finishers. They leave no grooves and achieve smoother surfaces than fine diamond instruments do. MEISINGER Twist Finishers are available in 5 different shapes and 3 different qualities: from fine with 8 to 12 cutting edges through extra fine with 30 cutting edges. The instruments are color-coded for differentiation and are available either in individual packs or in an assortment. The Twist Finishing Kit combines all available instruments in one assortment, providing an ideal foundation for flawless work results.


MX Tungsten Carbide Cutters

The MX Tungsten Carbide Cutters are used for the treatment of non-precious metals and model casting alloys. The special toothing and extremely resistant material allow for efficient material removal and a long product life. During the treatment of the material, smooth surfaces are created, so they are optimally prepared for the following polishing process. As a result of precise manufacturing, the cutters run smoothly, which makes them easy to use. The variety of shapes allows for many different applications. The MX Tungsten Carbide Cutters are effective for working on both large areas and small, precise areas.


Further information

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