Cytoplast™ & Vitala®-Membranes

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Cytoplast™ & Vitala®-Membranes of collages and dPTFE

MEISINGER is the exclusive sales partner of CytoplastTM & Vitala®-membranes from Osteogenics Biomedical. In the area of Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) the collagen and dPTFE membranes have optimal properties for covering defects and securing augmentation material.


Vitala® collages

  • Resorbable collagen membrane of porcine pericardium
  • Supple handling
  • Either site of the membrane may be placed against the defect
  • Particularly high flexibility and ideal defect adaptability
  • Special 3-layered architecture provides a high tensile strength
  • Substantially resorbs within 26 weeks

Cytoplast™ RTM collages

  • Resorbable collagen membrane of bovine Achilles tendon
  • No second surgery necessary
  • Long-lasting and reliable resorption rate (26 – 38 weeks)
  • Optimized flexibility

Cytoplast™ TXT

  • High-Density PTFE membrane
  • No primary wound closure necessary
  • 100 % dense and impervious to bacteria
  • Non-surgical removal when left exposed
  • Structured surface for enhanced stability

Cytoplast™ Titanium-reinforced

  • Titanium-reinforced dPTFE membrane
  • No primary wound closure necessary
  • 100 % dense and impervious to bacteria
  • Possible use up to 3 missing bone walls
  • Different sizes and shapes for various defects
  • Membranes can be trimmed to desired shapes

Cytoplast™ PTFE Suture

  • Monofilament suture of 100 % PTFE prevents from bacteria absorption
  • Softer than nylon and polypropylene
  • Excellent handling and knot security
  • Ideal for reliable wound closure

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