Training & Education Models

Detailed tooth, jaw and implant models

4D training teeth - true-to-nature physiological shaping

With the new 4D training teeth from MEISINGER DIGITAL you can improve your skills in conventional and digital dentistry. Together with universities in Germany, we have developed the perfect structures for a lifelike replica, so that you can now train your treatment procedure and various techniques on the new 4D training teeth.

Our training teeth offer lifelike physiological shaping as well as different tooth hard substances such as enamel, dentin and pulp. We offer 21 different designs, tailored to your personal needs, which you can easily integrate into your existing frasaco ANA-4 model.

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Individual Display Models

For many patients it is very helpful and of great interest to be able to see the goal of the upcoming operation prior to a implantological procedure. 

MEISINGER DIGITAL provides transparent 1:1 display models to help you visualize your treatment concept. The models can be selected from a range of pre-defined restorations or assembled individually as desired. 

Large Format Models

Looking for an eye-catcher for your practice? Then put your preferred implant system in the spotlight! With MEISINGER DIGITAL, implants can now make it big. Our large-format models are displayed in a 10:1 ratio as standard and are offered in all variants (BL/TL/BLT) of our OKTAGON® implant line (MEISINGER Implants). Due to the enlarged dimensions, the advantages and features of the implants can be clearly explained. 

Full Anatomical Display Models

Thanks to the application of transparent materials, the full anatomical display models make it possible to depict the internal anatomy of the mandible in great detail. In combination with the surgical guide selected for the corresponding indication, treatment options can be clearly displayed and explained to the patient.