Split-Control and Crest-Control

Bone Spreading – optimal and minimally invasive.

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Controlled and Gentle Bone Spreading

After a long period of edentulism the jaw bone often recedes. This leads to deficient ridge width, which makes the insertion of a dental implant impossible. The Bone Spreading procedure, however, allows for the gentle widening of the alveolar ridge, so that patients with a very narrow alveolar ridge do not have to forgo the benefits of a dental implant.

The MEISINGER Bone Spreading and Condensing systems are the minimally invasive alternative to a hammer and chisel.

Easy and fast widening up to 5 mm

The Crest-Control system is a Horizontal Bone Spreading system which allows for a predetermined and minimally invasive widening of the horizontally resorbed alveolar ridge, particularly in the distal lower jaw. With the well-proven Horizontal Spreaders, the alveolar ridge can be expanded up to a maximum of 5 mm allowing any implant to be inserted in the widened area.

Bone Condensing by screw-like spreaders

The MEISINGER Split-Control systems allow for the gentle widening of the alveolar ridge and simultaneous lateral bone condensing in the case of a horizontal bone deficit. With the aid of screw-like condensing and spreading instruments (spreaders), it is possible to achieve a controlled and gentle dilatation of horizontally resorbed bone (Bone Spreading). Further, cancellous bone is condensed due to the special geometry of the spreaders (Bone Condensing), so that the primary stability of the inserted implants is increased.


Combination of Bone Spreading and Condensing

The Bone Management® Split-Control Plus System contains both the specially designed screw-like condensing and spreading instruments (spreaders) of the Split-Control systems and the horizontal wedge spreaders of the Crest-Control system that allow for controlled and standardized spreading of horizontally resorbed bone. Due to the special geometry of the spiral spreaders, cancellous bone is gently condensed while the Horizontal-Spreaders allow for a dilatation of up to a width of 5 mm, so that the bone is optimally prepared for the insertion of every common implant.


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