Special instruments for endodontics

Quality products for endodontic treatment.

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Various applications

MEISINGER’s special instruments and assortments for Endodontia provide solutions for all manner of endodontic procedures, from root canal treatments to root filling with titanium pins. Because of this wide selection, all current endodontic treatment methods can be carried out easily and safely.


Endo Access Burs

The unique Endo Access Burs, with their extra-long, ultra-narrow necks (only 1mm in diameter), provide an unobstructed view of the working area and prevent damage to low-lying root canal walls. Despite their narrow necks, the Endo Access Burs have high rigidity and concentricity. These endodontic drills are constructed with effective and durable carbide working parts. Unlike ultrasonic tips, Endo Access Burs do not cause local heat spots or fine dust during use.


Further information

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