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From Dental Asia 9+10/18

Bone Management System Connects Srew and Pin

Meisinger presents its Bone Management System Master-Pin-Control which is used for the fixation of resorbable, non-resorbable and titanium reinforced membranes.


From Dental Asia 4/18

Successful launch of MyPlant II in Thailand

Bur and Bone Management systems are in great demand in Thailand and in other South Asian countries. To help meet this demand, the MyPlant II was launched in the Thai market by Hager & Meisinger GmbH in December last year with positive feedback.


From implants 1/18

Long carbide instruments for peri-implantitis treatments

Newly introduced in Spring 2017, Meisinger offers a new Periimplantitis Kit, a comprehensive range of perfectly matched carbide finishing burs for the treatment of ignited implant sites.


From The Dental Advisor 1/18

Best marks for Twist Polisher Kit

The Magazine The Dental Advisor has tested the MEISINGER Twist Polishing Kit. The kit reached a high rating of 93%.