Minimally invasive root extraction.

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Precise extraction of dental roots and dental root fragments

The MEISINGER Bone Management® Benex®-Control System is ideal for the controlled and safe extraction of dental roots and dental root fragments. The conventional method of root extraction using forceps and leverage can easily cause damage of the vestibular bone lamella, which can be avoided by using the Benex®-Control.


Pulley principle for optimal transmission of force

The innovative construction of the extractor uses the principle of the pulley, so that the dental root or root fragment can be easily removed in a controlled manner without damaging the bone or soft tissue. Instead of using gravity to create a second vertical force on the opposite side of the pulley, the extractor is designed to lie flat, using a crank system to extract the root or root fragment in a vertical direction via a horizontal force along the extractor. The quadrant support was developed specifically to provide this optimal support while also protecting existing dentition and providing support for the extractor in the case of edentulous circumstances.


Further information

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