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Art Oral Oral Psychedelic Kit

by Klaus Müterthies

MEISINGER launched a new instrument kit for the laboratory in cooperation with international renowned dental technician Klaus Müterthies. The Psychedelic Kit offers the user a custom-fit selection of instruments for zirconia and CAD/CAM restorations. The ceramic burs included in the set are used to shape the tooth anatomy without damaging the material. Different shaped diamonds can also be used to reproduce the characteristic texture of natural teeth. For inter dental contouring and cutting off connectors, the set also includes the 915D diamond saw. A real highlight are the different polishers of the Psychedelic Kit. Thus, the 9770G polisher can be used for shaping as well as for pre-polishing in order to work out the preparation in detail. The flexible twist polishers create a high gloss on restorations and preserve the original surface structure due to the material-friendly design, while the goat hair brush with leather ensures a perfect finish.

Micro-Occlusal Reduction Diamond Kit

Efficient occlusal reduction

Occlusal reduction diamonds are already an integral part of the MEISINGER product portfolio. Thanks to their unique angled depth stop, the special instruments allow precise occlusal reductions. The user can thus define the ablation precisely, which makes these diamond instruments particularly suitable for the preparation of ceramic crowns. MEISINGER has developed the new Micro-Occlusal Reduction diamonds for machining smaller teeth. With a reduced diameter, they allow for easier handling in the pre-moral as well as in hard-to-reach areas. The instruments combined in the Micro-Occlusal Reduction Diamond Kit also offer a better view of the area to be worked on.

Crown Cutters for Zircon

Zircon Cut Diamonds

Crown cutters are one of the most important instruments in the dental practice. The variety of different restorative materials place high demands on the used instruments. The new Zircon Cut instruments from MEISINGER facilitate the cutting of zirconia crowns and ceramic restorations thanks to their solid workmanship. In order to determine the exact cutting depth in advance, the diamond saws are available with preparation depths of 1.7 mm, 2.2 mm as well as 2.3 mm. Depending on the indication, both a medium grain and a coarse grain are available.

Twist Polishers for metal

Dental Polishers for non-precious metals, precious metals and amalgam

The MEISINGER portfolio has been extended by three new Twist Polishers. The polishers 9517H, 9517P, 9517V are especially suitable for the intraoral polishing of non-precious metals, precious metals and amalgam. Thanks to their special shaping, the instruments support the user in polishing areas that are difficult to access, such as the occlusal surface. The 3-step system ensures perfect results from pre-polishing to the high-gloss finish.

Meisinger SINGLES

The Meisinger SINGLES are intended for single use and offer the perfect solution for maximum efficiency and hygiene. Packaged separately and sterile the single dental instruments are ready for immediate use without time consuming and labor intensive sterilization and preparation. Our Diamond SINGLES as well as the Carbide SINGLES are available in many different shapes and sizes.

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CAD/CAM Prep Kit Anterior & CAD/CAM Prep Kit Posterior

According to Dr. Daniel Butterman, DDS

Developed in collaboration with Daniel Butterman, DDS, the MEISINGER CAD/CAM Preparation Kits have been designed for optimal preparation of anterior and posterior teeth for CAD/CAM restorations. Both kits contain perfectly coordinated coarse and fine diamond burs to create a smooth restoration margin and and efficient workflow. The DB01 Kit includes depth reduction burs to reduce the facial of anterior teeth uniformly for aesthetic restorations. In addition, the DB02 Kit includes MEISINGER'S patented and award-winning Occlusal Reduction Burs to ensure adequate reduction for glass ceramics and zirconia. Posterior teeth are easier to reach with shorter length burs, which enable ideal axial reduction and margin preparation.

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