Quality "Made in Germany"

Since 1888 MEISINGER has produced high-quality rotary instruments.


MEISINGER – Since 1888

We maintain extremely high demands on the quality of all our products and services. One of the traits that set us apart from our competitors is our willingness to test the boundaries of innovation. Additionally, Meisinger has manufactured and sold more than two billion products.

We manufacture all our products at our headquarters in Neuss, Germany – everything from raw material to completed products. High-tech machines manufacture products at feasibility limits. Manufacturing tolerances are held to unprecedented levels. Only maximum precision is accepted for our manufacturing processes. Achieving this requires us to use a fleet of machines which we have set up especially to match our exacting manufacturing requirements.

Precision in detail

We know that when it comes to dental intervention only the highest reliability and quality counts. High-tech medical instruments are the basis of our precise and successful work. In our highly specialized production facility we produce proven instruments and innovative products. Currently 350 employees are involved every day for the success of our cllients and their colleagues. They ensure that every single instrument fulfills the high quality standards and reaches our customers on schedule. With more than 12,000 items available, MEISINGER offers a wide range of products for both practice and laboratory. Our excellent production standard is appreciated around the globe.

Products from MEISINGER are consequently aligned with the day-to-day necessities of dentists and handlers. We have 130 years of experience and knowledge in production and development, which allows us to meet the highest standards and to pursue innovation. Working with scientists, we constantly develop cutting-edge solutions in the dental sector. MEISINGER products meet the demands required of modern dental instruments, setting new standards in the industry, now and in the future.

From Neuss to the entire world

Firmly rooted in the Rine-Ruhr region but with an international scope, MEISINGER is the manufacturer of high-quality dental products that are in demand all around the world. A subsidiary in the USA and sales partners in more than 100 countries make MEISINGER a global player in dental technology. Our products branded with “Made in Germany” enjoy a first-class reputation that extends far beyond national borders. We live up to this reputation with every single product.




On June 15th, 1888, Artur Meisinger founded the “Deutsch-Amerikanische Zahnbohrerfabrik” (DAZF – German-American Dental Drill Factory) in Düsseldorf, Germany. At the time, dental medicine was still in its infancy. The toothing on steel drills was done by hand, hardened on a Bunsen burner, and quenched in raw potatoes. Meisinger recognized the potential of working in this industry and became one of the world’s first producers of rotating milling machines. Using the popular foot drill machine, MEISINGER produced drills through pure muscle power, reaching up to 2,000 revolutions per minute during use. Today, our instruments will face a rotation 200 times faster in the compressed air turbines.

MEISINGER initially produced a dental catalog with over 600 pages depicting dental instruments, machinery and material. In addition to the detailed information, the catalogue clearly illustrated Artur Meisinger’s goal of developing integrated solutions for all areas of dentistry. In the same year, MEISINGER was one of the first dental companies world-wide that produced and sold instruments on the basis of semi-automatic drives.

Only a year after beginning his job with the DAZF, Willy Noack, born in 1875, was an important assistant of the DAZF. As a precision-engineer craftsman he was largely responsible for the construction of machines which manufactured rotary instruments with even more precision than before.

3 years later Willy Noack and Artur Meisinger went their separate ways. Linked with a move to Berlin, Noack became the operations director for the “Dental Drill Company Müller”.

In Düsseldorf, Erwin Hager, who was a precision-engineer craftsman at Meisinger from 1900 to 1904, and Willy Noack founded the company “E.Hager & Co.” and began producing and distributing dental products under the trade name of “Weltbohrer”.

After several years as rivals, DAZF and E. Hager & Co. merged to become Hager & Meisinger GmbH, which is the name of the company to this day.
The new logo is Artur Meisinger’s signature in white print on an orange colored background.

MEISINGER produced and distributed ceramic polishers for the first time.

Only 3 years later the company began fully automated steel production.

During the Second World War, an air-raid severely damaged a large part of the production factory. The loss of the turning shop, a large proportion of milling machines and the complete stock of products could not be prevented despite the efforts of MEISINGER’s own fire-fighters.

Towards the end of the Second World War, the Allied Forces confiscated many of the production machines. Nevertheless, management and employees were able to rebuild and resume production in a very short time. In 1946, the manufacturing of dental instruments was in full swing again.

The first hard-metal drill was developed in cooperation with the Johannes Gutenberg-University. It would be another three years before it could go into serial production.

Mathieu Noack and Dr. Theo Höchst became managing directors.

Production of the FG bur began.

MEISINGER opened a second production facility in Düsseldorf.

Karl-Heinz Noack and Hans Ferdinand Höchst became managing directors.

The first cross-cut cross tungsten carbide FG burs (RX-Bur) were developed.

By the early 1970s, MEISINGER strengthened its global marketing activities and moved into new fields of view. Among other developments, numerous contacts were made in Japan at this time.

This year marked the commercial launch of the Bio-Medical-Cooling (BMC) systems: inwardly cooled, stainless steel instruments for maxillary surgery.

Hager & Meisinger entered into the field of dental implantology, a field that is still in its infancy and growing globally today.

The first CNC-production equipment was put into operation.

MEISINGER used Titanium for the very first time for the production of dental implants, the most widely used implant material to date.

Dr. Burkard Höchst and Sebastian Voss became managing directors.
In the same year, complete implant systems were manufactured and distributed.

Our subsidiary “MEISINGER USA, L.L.C.” was established. The USA, which is a significant market, as well as Canada, could now be supplied even more quickly and efficiently.

With the MEISINGER Bone Management® systems, the company introduced a complete coordinated product line for dental implants to the market.
MEISINGER moved from Düsseldorf to neighboring Neuss. In Neuss, production and the administration department were merged.

Production and administration of head-office is extended.
In the same year, MEISINGER established its national sales team for on-the-spot customer service.

In cooperation with the sports car manufacturer Porsche, MEISINGER presented the Bone Management® Road Show. It was notable for its modern implant subjects, high-profile speakers, hands-on lectures and the exclusive ambience of the Porsche centers.

MEISINGER celebrated its 125th anniversary.
Also in 2013, Hager & Meisinger produced and marketed contra-angled headpieces and turbines for the first time. The “Condura” drive exemplifies functionality, high performance and reliability.

MEISINGER became the exclusive sales partner of NanoBone®. The bone grafting materials central features are the very high inner surface and the complete remodeling.

Two floors were added to most of the production hall at headquarters in Neuss, creating the foundation for further organic growth.

With “MyPlant II” MEISINGER introduced its own implant system to the market. It was developed with the collaboration of Prof. Dr. Nentwig and Dr. Moser.

MEISINGER completed a new second building complex in Neuss, Germany, creating space for a fully automated storage system to supply customers more efficiently. The new facilities also provide space for a modern training room.

MEISINGER and long-time partner DENTAL RATIO® grow closer together and distribute the OKTAGON® implant system under the new brand name MEISINGER IMPLANTS.

Management of the Hager & Meisinger Company Group

Dr. Burkard Höchst

Dr. Burkard Höchst is Managing Partner of Hager & Meisinger GmbH since 1998, overseeing production.


Sebastian Voss

Sebastian Voss is Managing Partner of Hager & Meisinger GmbH since 1998, overseeing sales and marketing sector.


Ulf-Christian Henschen

Ulf-Christian Henschen ist CEO of MEISINGER IMPLANTS GmbH.

Ethan Miller

Ethan Miler is CEO of MEISINGER USA L.L.C. He is managing the subsidiary of Hager & Meisinger GmbH.


Maxime Takizawa

Maxime Takizawa is the CEO of the subsidary MEISINGER France.

Ranee Navankasattusas

Ranee Navankasattusas is Managing Director of Meisinger Asia Co., Ltd based in Thailand.

Social commitment

For more than 130 years MEISINGER has been strongly connected to its home region on the Lower Rhine and its people. Therefore the family business supports social projects and sporting events in Neuss and the region. The focus of our commitment is the co-operation with the “Gemeinnützigen Werkstätten Neuss” (Charitable Workshops Neuss) and the youth tennis tournament “Böhner Cup”.


Meisinger Gemeinnützige Werkstätten Neuss

For 40 years, the GWN has helped enable people with disabilities to enter and participate in work environments and to integrate into society. Here you can find more information about “Gemeinnützige Werkstätten Neuss”.  


Social Day @Meisinger

The Social Day Düsseldorf offers young people the opportunity to experience the working world for the first time and to engage themselves in volunteer work for a good cause. Once a year, students can work at MEISINGER and several other employers in the region. 50% of their salary goes to their school for social purposes. The other half helps improve living circumstances for young refugees in the city.


Düsseldorf Junior Open

Every year the youth tennis tournament “Düsseldorf Junior Open,” involving more than 400 kids and teenagers from 8 to 21 years old, takes place in Düsseldorf. The event is a unique experience for tor the participants and promotes an active and fair competition. For further information about the “Düsseldorf Junior Open” take a look at the event website.